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Jason Ashley wrote (concerning the AMNH Deinocheirus) that:

> I remember explicitly that the museum
>wrote on the placard and it would seem irresponsible to write such a thing
>given the consensus on this list.  In fact it was the claim that this
>dinosaur would be the, "largest animal to have ever lived on earth", that
>caught my attention in the first place.

I'm sorry, Jason, but I am certain that you misunderstood the legend
beneath the fossil casts. I spent quite a bit of time in the fossil halls
at AMNH last week, saw and photographed the D. specimen, and will bet you a
bottle of your favorite tipple (or, better yet, mine) that it didn't say
that, or anything like it. I believe that it said that *if* the arms
belonged to an ornithomimid, it would be a very large predator. Certainly
there was no "largest animal on earth" claim. You're right - AMNH knows

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