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RE: Deinocheirus

Well Steve, if you took some pictures maybe you got part of the placard in
the photo and then we'll know for sure.  But it does seem to me that you,
by your own admission, don't remember what was written on the placard
beyond that it wasn't what I said.  Sorry but I stand by my recollection
  Next time I go the the AMNH I'll be sure to look at it but I'm not going
to lose sleep over it.  Trust you won't either.

Peace, Love, Empathy-kdc

From:   Steve Jackson[SMTP:sj@io.com]
Sent:   Wednesday, October 23, 1996 3:51 AM
To:     dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject:        Deinocheirus

Jason Ashley wrote (concerning the AMNH Deinocheirus) that:

> I remember explicitly that the museum
>wrote on the placard and it would seem irresponsible to write such a thing
>given the consensus on this list.  In fact it was the claim that this
>dinosaur would be the, "largest animal to have ever lived on earth", that
>caught my attention in the first place.

I'm sorry, Jason, but I am certain that you misunderstood the legend
beneath the fossil casts. I spent quite a bit of time in the fossil halls
at AMNH last week, saw and photographed the D. specimen, and will bet you a
bottle of your favorite tipple (or, better yet, mine) that it didn't say
that, or anything like it. I believe that it said that *if* the arms
belonged to an ornithomimid, it would be a very large predator. Certainly
there was no "largest animal on earth" claim. You're right - AMNH knows

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