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Re: feathers, hair and Compsognathus

>         The origional Class Reptilia (Linneaus) was paraphyletic, as it
> includes early synapsids but not the mammals, and early Sauropsids, but not
> birds.  As it stands now, Reptilia has been redefined so that it is
> monophyletic, but excludes the "mammal-like reptiles" and includes the
> birds.  For some perspective, see the Tree of Life homepages (sorry, URL not
> handy, e-mail off-list me if you can't get it).

      Does this mean that mammal like reptiles are NOT descended from
animals with reptilian traits that got these reptilian traits from a
same common ancestor that reptiles got thier reptilian traits from?
Exactly why are synapsids excluded?

LN Jeff