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Re: feathers, hair and Compsognathus

> >     Which dinosaurs had beaks?
>    Every Predentatan had a beak, albeit only at the front of the head.
> Ornithomimids had toothless, cutting, beaks complete with Keritan covering
> (according to a discovery by Phil Currie).

      I can't beleive I actually forgot that predentatans and _Oviraptor_
had beaks, I was thinking so hard about coelurosaurs (forgive the term).
Since _Archaeopteryx_ lacks a beak, wouldn't this then imply that beaks
developed covergently, possible several times, within the Dinosauria?  Or are
we talking about a reversal?  What would an theropod be doing with a beak AND
teeth?  Predentatans apparently used the beaks to crop and the teeth to chew,
but theropods do not have chewing teeth.  Oviraptor and caegnathids did
away with the teeth almost entirely, didn't they?

LN Jeff