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Copyright Guide for Dino Artists

This is an excellent manual written by Tess Kissinger - with oversight by
attorneys and an article by William Stout - and published by the Dinosaur
Society. It was released, to great applause, at SVP.

It covers negotiations, standard contract terms (good and bad), ownership
of originals and other rights, and pricing. These are things that
professional artists need to know. And take it from me, a lot of skilled
artists, with nice, professional letterhead and impressive publication
credits, do NOT know these basics. (If I'm describing you, please don't get
mad . . . read this book and get informed.)

I'd strongly recommend this to any professional or would-be-professional
artist, *whether they work with dinosaurs or not* - though of course it is
slanted particularly toward paleo art. I say this even though I am one of
the evil (gasp) publishers with whom the book recommends taking such an
assertive line :-) And this is NOT just a book for the beginner; in my
opinion, even a fully informed professional with 20 years of experience
would benefit by reviewing this material.

Now maybe someone will do a reciprocal guide for the small publisher,
starting with "Thou shalt not steal" (too many new publishers seem to have
no undertanding at all of artists' copyrights) and going on to explain why
some of the contract clauses that artists *hate* are important to the
publisher. But in the meantime, *publishers* would benefit from this book

I wish I could close this review by telling exactly how to get a copy, but
I don't know. It was distributed at SVP, and Tess told me they had run out.
(She gave me her own take-home copy, the sweetheart.) Perhaps that means
"ran out of supplies at the show" and the Dino Society has more. Hope so.

Can someone weigh in with information on how to get this book?

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