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Dinosaur Genera List correctins #62

Lots of interesting stuff at the SVP, including copies of the following

Kranz, P. M., 1996. "Notes on the sedimentary iron ores of Maryland and their
dinosaurian fauna," Maryland Geological Survey Special Publications #3:

This contains illustrations of an ornithopod tooth and the following notation
on page 107:

"The dinosaur from which the tooth came is still very poorly understood, it
is not a named dinosaur. Thus for identification purposes, I tentatively
propose the unoccupied name _Magulodon muirkirkensis_, meaning 'Cheektooth of
Muirkirk.' "

Peter Kranz had a cast of the tooth at the conference. It is about a cm tall,
so the dinosaur it came from was probably the size of a _Tenontosaurus_.
Kranz notes that most paleontologists who have seen the tooth belileve it
belonged to a dryosaur, though some think it might have belonged to a
ceratopian (not likely, in my opinion). "If the former, it is one of the
latest; if the latter, one of the earliest," wrote Kranz. I noted small
denticles grouped in threes, as in _Drinker_, though the tooth is about twice
the size of a _Drinker_ tooth. Call it provisionally ?Hypsilophodontidae.

So add this genus to the list:

Magulodon Kranz, 1996 [nomen nudum]

And bump the genera count to 797. (We're closing in on 800, aren't we...?)