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At 18:16 15/10/96 -0500, Stan Friesen wrote:

>From: "Darren Naish" <dwn194@soton.ac.uk>
> > Juvenile hoatzins can't fly (not while they're at the climbing age
> > anyway). 
>Hmm, I had thought that they fledged while still able to climb, and
>learned to fly by jumping off a branch and climbing back.
>[Alright... one of you come up with a source.  -- MR ]

For everything you always wanted to know about hoatzins, the new Volume 3 of
the Handbook of the Birds of the World covers the species - and the complete
(very detailed and lengthy) writeup is posted on the HBW web site at
http://www.hbw.com/.  According to the HBW, the young birds leave the nest
at 2-3 weeks, can fly short distances at 55-65 days and shed their wing
claws at 70-100 days, though some individuals have been found to regrow them
later - 8 of 24 adults had non-functional, callused-over wing claws.
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