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Life-Size Reconstructions at Royal Tyrrell

I've been trying for a long time to find out who did the great
life-reconstructions outside the Royal Tyrrell Museum and its Field
Station. Oddly, no credits are posted. A security guard at the field
station said she *thought* it was someone named Brian Cooley. But nobody
was sure, and several people who I asked said "If you find out, tell me

Well, it was indeed Brian Cooley. I ran into him at SVP. Nice guy. He's in
Calgary: 403-247-0581. If you need a full-sized dinosaur (the non-moving,
suitable for outdoor display type) he does some darn good ones. I was
impressed by the intelligence of making the Styracosaurus spikes flexible,
and therefore more kid-safe AND kid-proof. His card says he does animation
models, too. And I bid on a great Triceratops bronze of his at SVP - he
donated it to the charity auction - but it went past what I could afford.
Sigh. Some year . . .

Suggestion for the Royal Tyrrell folk - post plaques naming the
reconstructed dinosaurs and crediting their creator!

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