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Re: Copyright Guide for Dino Artists

Steve Jackson wrote:

>This is an excellent manual written by Tess Kissinger - with oversight by
>attorneys and an article by William Stout - and published by the Dinosaur
>Society. It was released, to great applause, at SVP.


>I wish I could close this review by telling exactly how to get a copy, but
>I don't know. It was distributed at SVP, and Tess told me they had run out.
>(She gave me her own take-home copy, the sweetheart.) Perhaps that means
>"ran out of supplies at the show" and the Dino Society has more. Hope so.
>Can someone weigh in with information on how to get this book?

The book is available in print form through the Dinosaur Society.  516.277.7855
It will be on line at the Dinosaur Society website by the end of this year.

Thanks Steve, and thank all of you on this list who provided me with
information.  Tess

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