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Funky _Irritator_ Pic.

    G'day all,
        I picked up the latest issue of _The Prehistoric Times_ and 
inside it's hallowed pages was a picture of _Irritator_ by Maximo 
Salas that, as the header implies, was funky weird (groovy man...:-)).
He gave it a _Baryonyx_-style snout and made the crest and actual 
decorative crest... Am I missing something? According to the paper, 
this little guy didn't seem to have a snout like that and the crest 
was speculated to be a neck muscle attachment. Has something changed? 
Can anybody tell me if it has? Thanx a bundle...


"We were wanderers on a prehistoric earth, on an earth that wore the 
aspect of an unknown planet."
-it's obscure literature quotes week on the dino-list:-)...
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