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Re: feathers, hair and Compsognathus

[Previously in this thread I had some of LN Jeff's words appearing to
 have come from the keyboard of Jonathan Wagner.  Jonathan's text was
 being quoted by LN, and somehow I screwed up the attributions.  Sorry
 about that.  -- MR ]

David Froehlich wrote:

> The problem here is that "reptile traits" are plesiomorphic.  Ectothermy,
> scales, sprawling posture, amniotic egg laying, etc.  are all features

     SCALES are AMNIOTE traits?  I thought Tim Holtz just said synapsid 
were probably unscaled.  What is the formal diagnosis for "Reptilia"?  
Who diagnosed it originally and when (meaning, why is "amniota" usd 
by cladists for the common ancestor of turtles, lepidosaurs, 
archosaurs, AND synapsids instead of "reptilia"?)  

LN Jeff