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RE: met Novacek- oviraptor questions(mostly)

Achut asked.......

>I think the ankylosaurids are mostly Pinacosaurs in particular.
>Currie's expedition found a dozen or so babies caught together
>in a sandstorm.  The theropods included Velociraptor, and of course
>Troodon and Oviraptor.  Did Mike specifically mention other theropods?

someone asked afterwards how many types of theropods they had found and   
Mike said 15.  I don't know if he meant species or specimens.
He said they had identified 2 seperate species of oviraptoroids,   
Oviraptor and a smaller morph (in the picture crestless and   
'tooth-thingie'-less but still beaked)
I don't remember what he called the ankylosaurid-they were road-kill   
displayed and he said they took a day to dig out a 17 footer.  Will that   
size and the 4-spike tail club help identify it better?
 He also said there were footprints recoverred of a dinosaur walking   
across the base of a sand dune, but didn't say what kind.......
 And during the question-and-answer after the slideshow he was QUITE   
reluctant to speculate on the possiblities of feathered dinosaurs that a   
couple of people (not me) posed to him, though he acknowledged seeing   
Phil Currie's photgragh of Sinoseropteryx (did I get that right?)

 -Betty Cunningham
(I also met Ron Cobb and his wife at the show, so that was cool, too!)