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Re: Bipedality

In a message dated 96-10-25 19:17:55 EDT, n9435712@henson.cc.wwu.edu (guy
leahy) writes:

>       Actually, the evolution of erect posture probably had little
> to do with improving lung ventilation during locomotion.  Semi-erect
> alligators can effectively ventilate their lungs during exercise
> (Van et al 1995), and even sprawling lizards do not seem to incur a
> posture-related mechanical constraint on lung ventilation during
> locomotion (Wang et al 1995).

These authorities seem to contradict Cowen

Cowen, R., 1994. History of Life, 2nd edition, Blackwell Scientific
Publications, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cowen, R. & Lipps, J., 1982. "An adaptive scenario for the origin of birds
and of flight in birds," Third North American Paleontological Convention,
Proceedings 1: 109-112.