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Re: More bird refs wanted

Peter Buscholz wrote: 

> I am searching for the references for the following birds:
> Ambiortis (sic)
> Eoalulavis
> Ibiromesornis (sic)
> Enantiornis

A long list of early bird references can be found in Nature 378, Nov. 23 1995
following a review article by Chiappe and in a MAPS Digest vol. 17 (4) April
1994 by Peters (illustrated with reconstructions), both too early to include
_Eoalulavis_ which appeared in Nature within the past few months.

Enantiornis - Walker, C.A. 1981. New subclass of birds from the Cretaceous of
South America. Nature 292, pp. 51-53.

Ambiortus - Kurochkin, E. 1985. A true carinate bird from lower Cretaceous
deposits in Mongolia and other evidence of early Cretaceous birds in Asia.
Cretaceous Research 6, pp. 271-278.

Iberomesornis - Sanz, J. L., and Bonaparte, J. F., 1992. A New Order of Birds
(Class Aves) from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain. Sci. Ser. nat. Hist. Mus.
Los Angeles Co., 36, pp. 39-49. 

Hope this helps.

David Peters