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RE: OJ Ovirpator

IN response to Jeffrey Maritz idea that Oviraptor might have been
nest-raiding after all and got caught in the sand storm, that seems unlikely.
If the Oviraptor had nothing to gain but a meal--no matter how hungry it
was--the presence of the storm should have been enough to drive it away from
the nest. No matter how easy the meal might have seemed that was one big
storm coming down. The (and I may be wrong about this) lack of other apparent
predators on the scene suggests that everyone else got the heck out of there.
Of course that does raise the question of why this one stayed put--extreme
maternal or paternal devotion? Or is that a little too anthropmorphic?

If some types of birds can gestate eggs in sequence, why couldn't the
Ovipator? And the idea of communal nesting is interesting as well. I think we
have to assume that these are Oviraptor eggs since they match the ones from
the 1923 expedition so well. 

What does the rest of the list think?