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A whole lot of trouble....

I know by even posting this I'm going to get into a whole lot of trouble, but 
what the hell....

I seriously do not understand what is so different and opposing with BCF and 
BAFT (Birds Are Flying Theropods - A new acronym for BADD, which is obviously 
a loaded term).  They are virtually identical in most aspects, except that 
BCF is constantly muddling itself up by a) making up silly acronyms [BADD], 
b) making up hypothetical, non-natural, infinately paraphylatic groups 
[dino-birds], c) claiming that the BCF theory is inherently different 
from the BAFT theory, and d) claiming that animals known from very scrappy 
remains [Longisquoma, Megalancasaurus etc], that do not seem to be closely 
related, are in fact members of the unnatural, hypothetical, and infinately 
paraphylatic dino-bird group.

This is my own theory of bird origins that draws on both BAFT and BCF, but is 
obviously a BAFT style theory because it claims that birds are flying 
theropods, which they obviously are, and even you George can't say they're 

There are some pre-requisates (sp?) to this theory however.  One: most, if 
not all dinosaurs had some sort of insulative covering ("hair" or feathers).  
And two: Theropods were not the only dinosaurs to develop the ability to 
climb in trees (I suspect Lesothosaurs, "Hypsilophodonts" etc, could probably 
have done this too).

I propose that basal Coelurosaurs possibly lived in trees and on the ground (I
believe this is scansoral, please correct me if it isn't).  I also propose
that Coelurosaurs also developed feathers "on accident" possibly from "hair"
that would be homologous to pterosaur hair.  Maybe because it looked sexier,
maybe because it insulated better; who knows?

Next I propose that the feathered arms of these tree-dwelling Coelurosaurs 
could have helped steer them in jumps from branch to branch and that the 
Coelurosaurs figured this out quite on accident.  An example: someone looses 
their balance on a trampoline, they flail about trying to regain their 
balance and direct their body so that they land safely.  I suspect most 
animals will do this when they loose their balance.  Probably the 
Coelurosaurs with the feathers did the same kind of thing and found out that 
the feathers on their arms could direct and balance their bodies increadibly 
well, and then exploited this.  It's not too hard to imagine flapping evolving 
from something like this.

Next I propose that these early "flying" animals developed some traits that 
helped in flying like: the wing folding ability and carpal block, long hands, 
a big ossified sternal plate, furculae, and the 90 degree tail manoeuver 
thing.  I also propose that many Coelurosaurs like Dromeosaurs, 
Oviraptorosaurs, and Arctomets are flightless decendants of animals that in 
some way or another flew.

This theory incorperates many other theories.  I am actually fairly confident 
that none of it is my original thinking; but it addresses all the supposed 
"problems" in any BAFT theory of bird origins and makes more sense, and has 
no paraphyletic ghost-lineages; so is therefore more parsimonious than BCF, 
even though it is identical to BCF in many ways.

Peter Buchholz

Maybe they're singing to that man.....