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Re: met Novacek- oviraptor questions(mostly)

At 05:42 PM 10/25/96 -0500, Tom Holtz resonded to Betty:

>>     Then on hearing that this guy (B-what-ever) thought they were for   
>>crushing molluscs, I asked if there was any wear on them [...], and Mike
>>looked sort of bemused and said "no they didn't have   
>>any wear on them"
>Also, seeing how lightly built there skulls are, I don't know if
>oviraptorids could withstand repeated crushing of medium-shelled molluscs.

        For anyone interested, a discussion of the jaw mechanics of
caegnathids and oviraptorids may be found in the Currie et al. paper on
caegnathids in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, vol 30, I believe
issues 10-11 (double issue) on results of the joint Sino-Canadian Dinosaur

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