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This is my third attempt at completing this message. I'm beginning to get a
_little_ frustrated.. Anyway, Mickey informed us of a review...

> Recently T. A. Curtis asked about Fastovsky and Weishampel's _The
> Evolution and Extinction of Dinosaurs_.  I thought I should point out
> that Dale Russell wrote a review of it for _Science_ (Sept. 27th
> issue, I think, but it may have been Sept. 20th).  The review is quite
> positive, though he does suggest improvements, mainly because he
> expects new editions to come out.  There are a couple of other book
> reviews of interest in that issue, so you might want to look for it.
And having waded through about a million reviews of Goldschmidt's (albeit highly
important and excellent) new book (_Darwins's Dream Pond_), here's another:

BENTON, M.J. 1996. Life and death at the KT boundary. _Trends in Ecology and
Evolution_ 11 (10): 442-443

Benton is incredibly positive about Fastovksy and Weishampel's book, he
literally does not have a bad word to say about it. He describes it as 'superb',
'convey[ing] enthusiasm and excitement', and he says that the fact that 14
colour plates are included is 'astounding in a textbook at this price'.

Also interesting is Benton's review itself in that he provides a brief
historical overview of dinosaurology's approach to cladistics. Quote: 'Up to
1980, most dinosaur experts when asked either 'what is a dinosaur?' or 'how did
dinosaurs evolve?' would shuffle their feet, or launch into a disquisition on
the rampancy of convergence and polyphyly' (p. 442).

Benton also reviews ARCHIBALD, J.D. 1996. _Dinosaur Extinction and the End of
an Era_. Columbia Uni. Press. $49-50 hbk. $25-00 pbk. 237 pp. ISBN 0-231-07625-

Of interest to us: 'The focus on dinosaurs is unique'. '[Archibald] presents a
combined model, in which many vertebrate species were stressed by marine
regression, and loss of coastal habitats (from 60 My ago), and the impact (65
My ago), finished off the dinosaurs, pterosaurs and some other groups.'

And... Kevin Padian reviews Dodson's new book in:

PADIAN, K. 1996. Ceratopsians. _Science_ 274: 367


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