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At 12:58 PM 10/28/96 -0500, Darren Naish wrote:
>> When a lion is attacking a zebra, the latter will intersperse it's
>> gallop with a well placed kick in an attempt to drive off/injure the former. 
>Rubbish. If a zebra is being chased by a lion, it's doing dam well best it can
>to get out of there at top speed. If you can prove that what you've said is
>backed by any version of reality, I'll gladly retract my statement and publicly

   I don't know about Zebras, but on NGE last night, they showed lions
attacking Wildabeest and Water Buffalo, and at least one, possibly both,
gave good kicks when the lion got close enough.  I would bet Zebra do the
same thing.

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