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The subject line--AGAIN

     Dear folks:  Can we PLEASE make an effort to ensure that the subject
line of our postings have at least _something_ to do with the subject we
are writing about?
     I'm not going to name names, but a posting by someone whose initials
are JM (and whose last name ends with a z, and whose first name has two f's
in the middle, two e's, an r, and ends with a y and rhymes with "reffrey"
:-)) had the subject line "Re:  What feathers mean".  This posting, which
was about intraspecific injuries to _T. rex_ fossils, was very
interesting--but had nothing to do, as far as I could tell, with what
feathers mean.
     Once again, I only say this because I often decide what I'm going to
read (because of limited time) from the subject line.  A more appropos
subject header isn't hard to do and would make at least this miserable
soul's life easier.
     Thanks in advance.

T.A. Curtis
13980 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA   91935-2024