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Dromaeosaurs and birds ( was Re: Bad as opposed to BADD )

At 04:32 PM 10/27/96 -0500, George O. wrote:

>With the discovery of the Madagascar "flying
>dromaeosaur" (elongate, stork-like fore and hind limbs; feather papillae on
>the ulna; killer claw on the second pedal digit) unveiled at Cathy Forster's
>talk at this year's SVP, it is virtually certain that Greg Paul's idea that
>dromaeosaurs were the flightless descendants of [pre-]archaeopterygids is

        Wasn't there something along these lines with _Hulsanpes_, which I
believe Dr. Holtz alluded to a while back?
        Which again makes me ask:  has anyone in the scientific community
published on Greg Paul's claim that _Archaeopteryx_ had a hyperextendable
second toe?  I know that it has not been coded on any data matrices I can
remember (although, it seems that neither the sternum of Archaey nor that of
_Velociraptor_ has made it into recent studies, such as Sanz et al.
Osteology opf _Concornis lacustris_... 1995).  Considering the great pains
many scientists have gone to to support or refute the claims made in _PDW_,
I would expect that someone has addressed this...

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