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Rob Meyerson says:

>>An animal doesn't necessarily have to keep an eye on a predator to
>>get in a good hit.  When a lion is attacking a zebra, the latter
>>will intersperse it's gallop with a well placed kick in an attempt
>>to drive off/injure the former.

Darren said:

>Rubbish. If a zebra is being chased by a lion, it's doing dam well
>best it can to get out of there at top speed. If you can prove that
>what you've said is backed by any version of reality, I'll gladly
>retract my statement and publicly apologise.

ummm...a tv special on the lions of the Serengeti (or Oldevai Gorge?)   
where one of the lionesses in the pride was kicked in the jaw by a zebra   
while bringing it down, and the jaw was broken so badly you could see the   
teeth swinging loose, and the narrator said that the lioness couldn't eat   
her kill and they never saw her again after that.


also I think it was mentioned in  O. Johnson's "I Married Adventure", but   
I haven't read that on since I was 10.
Also my dad went to the U of Michigan for his PH.D at the same time as a   
friend of his was learning "ferriering'(blacksmithing) who now works in   
South Africa as a ranger trying to preserve the White Rhino, and he said   
zebra's are mean and will kick anything........