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Abel's arboreal archosaurs

On 27 Oct. 1996 Dinogeorge wrote that "The idea that dinosaurs
evolved from arboreal archosaurs seems to have originated with a
1911 work by German paleontologist Othenio Abel..." (later cited as
"Die Vorfahren der Vogel und ihre Lebensweise," Verhandlungen der
Zoologische und Biologische Gesellschaft, Wien 61: 144-191), and
commented that this work is quite difficult to find this side of the

According to the National Union Catalog, vol. 1, pp. 575ff., 
the UC Berkeley library has an extensive collection of Abel's
papers, apparently offprints which were collected and bound, at
least a dozen volumes' worth.  One volume has 29 items from the
Verhandlungen der K.K. zoologisch-botanischen gesellschaft in Wien,
from 1907-1928 (which could be a variant name for the Zoologische
und Biologische Gesellschaft).  Another volume has an essay entitled
U"ber den erwerb des flugvermo"gens (On the acquisition of the
ability to fly) (from the 1908-1918 period).

Wasn't Abel an Austrian rather than a German?  So many of his
publications are from Vienna, including the earliest one listed in
the NUC, and from 1928 he edited a journal published in Vienna.

George Pesely
Department of History
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, TN 37044