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Pterosaurs walking away from dinosaurs

Dear forum: 

One note of interest tangental to dinosaurs: 

Chris Bennett gave a spirited SVP talk discounting, point-by-point, the
supposed pterosaur/dinosaur connection, covering much of the same territory I
had shared with this dino forum and other workers in the field (but not
Chris, I don't think, strangely enough) over a year ago.  Now he's got
pterosaurs just above Proterosuchians in the archosaur clade, one node away
from the prolacertilians, where they will eventually find a home.

By the way, Dr. Rupert Wild of Germany is leading this parade.

Another note: NBC news did  a news brief Saturday morning on the new
Chinese feathered compsognathid.  Special thanks to artist Mike Skrepnick for
touching base with me on that one.

David Peters