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At 01:54 PM 10/29/96 -0500, LN Jeff wrote:

>     So what OSTEOLOGICAL reasons are there for seperating m\anapsids 
>from reptiles, other than it means calling mammals reptiles?

Ummm, I think you mean "synapsids".  Anapsids are included in Reptilia.

For some of the key papers on the subject of Synapsid, Anapsid, and Diapsid
relationships, try:

Gauthier, J., A.G. Kluge & T. Rowe. 1988.  Amniote phylogeny and the
importance of fossils.  Cladistics 4: 105-209 (yep, that's right, one
hundred four pages long...).

Laurin, M. & R. Reisz.  1995.  A reevaluation of early amniote phylogeny.
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society (must check volume and pages)

And the Tree of Life web pages on Amniota.

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