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Re: Bad as opposed to BADD

At 12:25 PM 10/29/96 -0500, George O. wrote:

>As I have repeatedly mentioned on this list and every time this question

        I'm afraid I must invoke a criticism you too often level at me,
George.  Why don't you just say what you mean.  If you understand this fact,
then why do you insist on muddying the issue by refering to dino-birds?  Why
not just say that all of the dinosaurs we find in the fossil record are
independant radiations of a main stem of arboreal dinosaurs which stayed in
the trees learning how to fly.  Spawning the dinosaurs we know and love was
just a pastime for them, so to speak...
        Why don't you make it this clear?  I don't know, but if asked to
guess, I'd say itis because stating the theory this clearly points out just
how improbable and un-parsimonious it really is.

>Like a few other list members, Senor Wagner has a penchant for not
>reading my postings completely, and/or not understanding them,
>before firing off hasty and sometimes ill-considered replies.

        As Shakespeare never intended it to be said, "Et tu, George?"

>Padian & Holtz's (or is it Holtz & Padian's?) node-based definition of the
>clade Dinosauria as the common ancestor of _Triceratops_ and birds and all
>its descendants is quite precise, and I use the completely equivalent
>definition of Dinosauria as the common ancestor of _Iguanodon_ and
>_Megalosaurus_ and all its descendants in _Dinosaur Folios_ and _Mesozoic

        Not _completely equivalent_, currently equivalent.  For example, if
Feduccia believed in cladistics, I'm sure he would disagree.

>The closing quotation above, "That which begets dinosaur is dinosaur," is
>false. According to the Padian-Holtz definition, the common ancestor of
>Dinosauria is a dinosaur--but its parent species, which "begat" that
>dinosaur, is >not<, since it is not one of its descendants. What Senor Wagner
>should have said is, "Dinosaurs only beget more dinosaurs," or something like

        Party pooper!  Yeah, yeah, but it sounded so nice!

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