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RE: Questions

Jeff Poling asks for:

>    a) A source that has good artists' renderings of the very first
> crocodylians (the erect stance beasties Georgie talked about)

the Czerka's DINOSAURS: PAST AND PRESENT is nice.

>    b) A good source on the paleoclimate and/or paleoflora and/or
> paleofauna of Antarctica.  I'm mainly interested in 100 Ma to
> present, but anything would be helpful.

Check below. Stout seems to be the only artist doing any serious work   
with Antartica, being the only dino artist I know that has been on site.   
 He wants to do a book of the entire history of life in Antarctica from   
first appearance above the waves to present times.  He is also looking   
for funding.

>   c) A good source on the dinosaurs of Antarctica

William Stout has a portfolio (loose pages colected into a folder)   
available through some comic book shops (especially Bud Plant) of the   
dinosaurs of Antarctica.  He also has 2 posters of dinosaur life of   
Antarctica that I'm aware of.  I also have his address at home and can   
check if you want to contact him directly.

 -Betty Cunningham