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Re: bipedal

Paul Sparks said he thought the swimming of dinosaur ancestors like
crocs had made their after bodies stronger, and this preselected
dinosaurs for bipedalism.  He says the strong forward bodies of most
mammals support four-legged walking.

I think this is a good idea.  Good ideas provoke thought.  What fun!

In evolution, body proportions can change so fast that I would consider
this an effect, not a cause.  I think the big tails and strong rear legs
of dinosaurs would have changed overnight if they hadn't been

Crocs swim, but they don't seem preselected to run around on two legs. 
Swimming seems to call for small legs and big tails.  Otters, beavers,
seals, and whales are mammalian examples.

I think four-legged mammals tend to be stronger in back than in front. 
Housecats and raccoons walk with hips higher than shoulders, like many
sauropods.  Horses probably get most of their horsepower from their rear
legs.  Rabbits may be as bipedal as some dinosaurs that are assumed to
have been bipedal.

Apes have big, strong forward bodies, but they are somewhat bipedal. 
Man's proportions happened overnight because somebody noticed a niche
for an ape that could stand taller and walk farther.

-Stephen Throop

"Constantly crossing the line between ignorance and arrogance, just like
Dr. Science."