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glide to fly

Just some thoughts for the glide to fly issues

Some one had mentioned that glidders are ill prepared to devolop flight
because gliding is enough so to speak. I was pretty sure from my ocean
wanderings 25 years ago but I saw it again on GME the other night and flying
fish sure as hell flap. Probably not much good as flyers but it is an
observable fact that the glider did learn to flap for some purpose.

Second idea is a bit strained. However, One way a glider could learn to flap
is through his (or hers) actions when gliding. My example is the biped man
the broad jumper (MBJ). If you have watched a track meet you will surely
notice that when MBJ  leaves the ground he literally flaps his arms which
might make him feel better but surely doesn't get much more performance.  He
probably flaps (really a swimming action) as an adjunct to the physical act
of jumping. Now if this is a facet of other two legged jumpers maybe if they
were small and for some reaslon gained a few feathers then maybe he would get
some increase in performance in whcih case we have a preconditioned asset. 

think so?

paul sparks