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new refs

        Sure seems like there's been a drought in new papers recently, but then,
I'm an addict...

JT Earth and planetary science letters.            
DA SEP 01 1996 v 143 n 1 / 4
PG   63   
AU Huang, K.
AU Opdyke, N.D.
TI Paleomagnetism of Middle Triassic redbed from Hubei and northwestern
   Hunan provinces, South China

JT Natural history.                                
DA NOV 01 1996 v 105 n 11
PG   34   
AU Chiappe, Luis M.
AU Rivarola, David
TI Pterodaustro's Smile 

JT Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II
DA JUL 04 1996 v 323 n 1
PG   89-96
AU Langebadre, B.
AU Dutrieux, M.
AU Feyt, J.
AU Maury, G.
TI Dinosur footprints from the Upper Jurassic Limestone of the Causses of
   Quercy (Lot, France)
AB Isolated footprints have been recently discovered in the Upper Jurassic
   limestone, near Cahors (Lot, France).  It is the first evidence of
   dinosaurian life found in this geographical area.  The prints are more or
   less well-preserved and some may be ''ghost prints''.  Some of them are
   tridactyl and are tentatively assigned to theropods; some larger ones can
   be referred to sauropods.

JT Historical biology.                             
DA 1996 v 12 n 2
PG  111   
AU Benton, Michael J.
AU Hitchin, Rebecca
TI Testing the Quality of the Fossil Record by Groups and by Major

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