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Tom Holtz wrote:

> Compsognathus-grade coelurosaurs are not particularly close to the origin of
> birds: more so than Carnosauria, for example, but less so than
> dromaeosaurids, oviraptorosaurs, etc.

     When the discussion about Velocirpator patagiums was going on, who 
mentioned the juvinile dromeosaur skin impressions?  Do those show scales 
or smooth skin?
    If _Paleocanimimus_'s features are really homologous with feathers, 
it could seriously screw up my "T.rex young din't have feathers" argument. 

> There are no good specimens of ornithischians, sauropodomorphs, ceratosaurs,
> "megalosaurs", or carnosaurs found in such fine-grained sediments.  These
> are all fairly big animals; not the sort of critter normally found in
> lithographic limestones of any age.

    Again, does the sediment really have to be especially more fine grained 
then sediments that can retain skin impressions?  If sediment is fine 
grained enough that you can press skin into it and leave an impression, why 
can't you do the same with feathers?
     What sort of sediment do the _Paleocanimimus_ impressions come from?

LN Jeff