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RE: Falling Down

Roger said:

>As some people will remember from last years' thread Dr. Farlow and I pursued
>a debate <snip>

Hey! I helped!  You hogging all the air time here?

>The fact is Darren is very much wrong about the zebra kicking only when
>grabbed by a predator. The zebra knows the lion is pursuing and the angle of
>attack, and practices this defense intraspecifically. This well placed kick
>comes instinctually, and without planning. I've watched enough National
>Geographic specials and Dscovery Channel features to know what I saw. Heck I
>watched a zebra kick the "stuff" out of a croc while both were in the
>water. What's the problem here, Darren, suffering from a lack of cable TV, or
>just feeling mean? Your statements are based less on repeatedly observed
>behavior than personal "opinions" which you seem to abhore. Betty C's posting
>should clear the water, and prove that at least one zebra got in a well
>placed kick. Aside from flight, kicking the stuffing out of a pursuer

Now don't get mean here....I must point out that the lioness I brought up   
specifically had gone on to kill the zebra, therefore the zebra did not   
succesfully kick-while-galloping-away as was Darren's contention.   
 However ALL equines kick out when annoyed or provoked from the rear.   
Take a riding class and find out.  ;]

> I suggest you present some (any) firm evidence to support your position(s),
> and try to remember that all of us can be wrong, evem you!

Be nice, boys!

[ Now *that's* some advice we all might want to heed! -- MR ]

 -Betty Cunningham