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Re: Falling Down

Roger Stephenson wrote:

> It was my contention that any predatory animal such as this would
> have reactionary skills capable of averting fatal injuries should
> such a fall happen. The evidence to support my thoughts are just as
> conclusive as Dr. Farlow's assertions.

     The only particular evidence I recall was that you didn't break your 
own neck when you took a spill on your motorcycle.  I assume you weigh 200 
lbs or less.  T.rex weighed about 10,000.  There is no comparison.  If you 
spike an elephant into the ground at 15 mph, it is not going to "skip" 
over the pavement the way you did when you took your high speed spill.   
     I have to admit I don't recall what sort reflexive actions you 
propose a five ton animal could use to keep from damaging itself when it 
falls.  Shoulder rolls?  That would be something to see.  

> there is trackway clues that Tyrannosarids did run. 

     I was not aware that any running theropod trackways large enough to have 
come from tyrannosaurids or a similar sized theropod had been found.  Which 
trackway clues are you referring to?  

> Tyrannosaurus rex was not a flash-in-the-pan species, and thus not an
> evolutionary side-bar. If this is the kind of "wild" speculation that we
> must get real about then I must ask what version of reality we use?

      You are making the assumption that T.rex could not have survived, 
as either a predator or scavenger, without being able to run more than 
about 20 mph.  Why is that?  How much faster are you assuming its main prey 
animals could run, and why?
      Dr. Farlow's calculations are based on the laws of physics, which 
is about as real as you can get.  

LN Jeff