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Jeff Martz wrote (in response to Peter Buchholz):

>> T.rex didn't have a lot of other avian/_Archaeopteryx_ osteological
>> characteristics, so why are you assuming that feathers were were
>> among the SOFT ANATOMY traits shared with birds?

Actually, tyrannosaurids have a fair number of avian osteological
characteristics, even more so than Compsognathus.  Just because the tyrant
dinos were whopping huge doesn't mean that they weren't birdlike.  To
paraphrase Yoda: Size matters not; judge them not by their size.

>>      Why do you keep saying that T.rex young were "probably" feathered?  
>> Infant feathers were offered as a purely speculative possible solution to 
>> temperature control problems for young dinosaurs. 
>Because, as we understand dinosaur systematics at this moment in time 
>Tyrannosaurs fall with in the clade Coelurosauria (Compsognathus + Corvis), 
>and so, therefore had the potential to be feathered.

To clarify a point here: Coelurosauria is a stem-based group (Birds and all
taxa sharing a more recent common ancestor with birds than with Allosaurus).

>Just because there arer skin impressions for roughly five groups of large
>dinosaurs (Carnotaurids, Tyrannosaurids, some sort of Sauropods, Ceratopids
>and Hadrosaurs) that have scaly skin, and NO skin impressions of their young
>doesn't mean that they weren't insulated.

Furthermore, MOST of the skin impressions on these forms are known only from
a few patches of the body.  Carnotaurus and hadrosaurids are known with
fairly complete impressions, but tyrannosaurids, ceratopsids, and the
diplodocid are known only from patches.

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