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  Hi all! I have been lurking for a while now, and may as well introduce
myself before I post my actual message.  My name is Peter Dlworth, and
I work at the so called "leg lab" at mit.  We work on legged robots
that walk and run. I am currently working on a series of robotic
dinosaurs (troodon, velociraptor, etc.), I am trying to keep as close
as possible to the original as I can, in order to make the locomotion
more accurate.  I may ask you some questions about dino-mechanics in
the coming months and years... I hope that I do not pester you folks
too much!

  A good friend of mine who works on micro robots put in the following
request that I thought you could help with:

        My Name is James McLurkin and I am a research scientist at the
  MIT Artificial intelligence Lab.  My current project is building
  10-gram microrovers for Mars exploration.  One of the things that we
  think these robots might be good at is finding microfossils lying on
  or near the surface of the planet.
        So in order to experiment with this idea, we would need to get
  a hold of some microfossils. Actually, a whole collection of small
  fossils would be nice, ranging in size from microscopic to 1 inch or
  so.  If you have any idea about where I could get things like this
  please let me know.  My email is jdmac@ai.mit.edu and the phone number
  here is 617-253-5573.  Thank you for your time.

-James McLurkin