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Sorry about the difficulties

[This message is also a test of the new arrangement.  With luck, this 
 will be the first line of the message... -- MR ]

Hello, everyone.

Moving has been more of an experience than I thought it would be...
Worse still, just before I left Philadelphia, lepomis.psych began to
demonstrate some pathology in talking to its external hard drives.
The machine is largely useless right now, and there's precious little
I can do about it (other than prod the person who now has
responsibility for it).  Let's all thank our lucky stars that the
dinosaur list got moved before lepomis' breakdown!

As a result of the breakdown, lepomis can not currently receive mail.
I can send mail from there, but without the ability to receive, I
can't administer the list from there.  Sam McLeod has just set things
up such that I can moderate the list from my new account at Indiana.
If you'd like to get in touch with me, please send mail to me either
here (rowe@pender.ee.upenn.edu) or at Indiana (mrowe@indiana.edu).  If
I was having a conversation with you before I left Penn, I fear we'll
have lost some continuity because I currently can't access any of my
old messages on lepomis (whether or not I'll ever be able to access
them again is unclear at this point).  Until further notice, please
make sure that you don't try writing to mickey@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
or rowe@lepomis.psych...  It will take you two days just to find out
that I didn't get your message if you write to either of those

I'm about to start trying to push through some of the recent messages
sent to the list.  I think Ron still has some others.  It's likely
that some messages will be sent out of the sequence in which they
arrived here.  My apologies for any confusion this causes.  Hopefully
everything will be back to normal in the next couple of days.

My apologies again for any and all inconveniences.  We should also
thank Ron Orenstein profusely for his efforts to keep things moving
under extremely difficult circumstances.  Sorry about that, Ron.  Rest
assured that I'll never ask you again; you've done your time!

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@pender.ee.upenn.edu)

P.S. This isn't the first time I've attempted to send a version of
this message.  Now we should also profusely thank Sam who had a lot to
deal with in helping me to get things re-established.  Cross your
fingers and pray that things will be smooth sailing from here on out.