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paleontology career

Hi, my name is Katie Farmer. I am 12 yeas old.  I'm doing a project for
school on careers, and my career is Paleontology.  I was wondering if
you could answer these questions that will help me on my project.

1.  What is your job title and/or description?

2.  What is your educational background?

3.  What is your experience and background?

4.  How did you get involved in this?

5.  What kinds of activities or jobs do you perform on a daily basis?

6.  Where are your favorite places to search for bones?

7.  What kinds of bones do you search for?

8.  What do you like or dislike about your job?

9.  What is an especially memorable experience that you've had?

10.  Is there anything else that you can tell me that may help with my

Thank you,

Katie Farmer
Tallahassee, FL