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Re: Syntarsus

I wrote:
>> True, cranial crests of one shape or another pop up in various
>> theropod crests.  But _paired nasolacrimal crests_ are found in only
>> two (possibly three) species that I know of, and all are
>> coelophysoids - Dilophosaurus wetherilli, Syntarsus kayentakatae,
>> and (rumour has it) one of the Ghost Ranch theropods, possibly a
>> Syntarsus species.

Dinogeorge wrote:

> Paired cranial crests also appear in the Chinese species _Dilophosaurus
> sinensis_, recently described.

Ahh yes, I forgot about that one.  Its crests are somehwat bulkier 
than those of its cousin from Arizona.  But the point still stands.  
Among theropods, paired cranial crests are known only for 
coelophysoid species (two Dilophosaurus species, one Syntarsus 
species), so I'd be surprised if it wasn't a synapomorphy for a 
clade within the Ceratosauria.