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pricing guidelines

I have been awarded a grant from the Dinosaur Society to write a manual
entitled "Copyrights, Contracts, Pricing and Ethical Guidelines for
Dinosaur Artists and Paleontologists".  The copyrights and contracts
sections are completed and I'm at the pricing guidelines section and I am
asking for information.

I've talked to many of you about this book, but there may be some artists
and paleontologists on this list for whom I do not have telephone numbers
so I'm asking here for answers to a few questions:

If you are a full-time dinosaur paleontologist asked to be involved in any
of the popularization media; (books, magazines, TV, movies, theme parks
etc.)  I would be interested in knowing how much you were paid, if you
thought it was sufficient, and any concerns you might want me to address in
this book.

If you are a full-time professional dinosaur artist, and I haven't gotten
around to calling you yet, these are the things I need to know:

Sculptor or painter?
How do you charge?
What do you charge?
What rights do you license, what do you keep?
What about image resale rights?  How much do you charge?
What are your business concerns/  What would you like to see changed?
Do you write your own contracts?

The information in this book is entirely confidential.  I only intend to
print the range of prices people give me.  Please be honest.  One of the
points I think we can all agree on is that this field is incredibly
undervalued by the popularizing media.  They want us, but they don't want
to pay, unless we make them.  That is the point of sharing this
information, so we can all make better deals.  Please don't post to the
list, (obviously) but address everything directly to me at

The Dinosaur Society will not be making money on this book.  It will either
be given away, or sold for printing costs (no more than $5.00) and my
deadline is September 30.

Thanks in advance for your help.  I think it will do us all some good.

Tess Kissinger