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Re: Nedcolbertia and Angaturama

Aravind<allosaur@tamu.edu> wrote:

>Can any one provide details about the available fossils of Angaturama and 

Angaturama is based on a partial snout from the Santana Formation of
Brazil.  It is clearly part of the Spinosaurus-Baryonyx complex, but until
either of these main forms are described in detail, it is difficult to tell
if Angaturama is closer to Spinosaurus, to Baryonyx, or outside a
Spinosaurus-Baryonyx group.

"Nedcolbertia" is an unpublished name.  I have a cast of the foot and the
tibia.  Kirkland and others are describing it formally in the near future.
It is coelurosaurian, and resembles Ornitholestes and "Arkansaurus" in some
details.  Like "Arkansaurus", however, it is a very incomplete specimen, so
its particular affinities within Coelurosauria are uncertain.

>What are their affinities within coelurosaurs and spinosaurs respectively?

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