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Re: Four-toed theropods

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Neil Clark wrote:

> Tim Williams wrote:-
> >  Is it possible that these four-toed theropods are segnosaurs
> > (therizinosauroids to some) - the first evidence of such from North
> > America.
> I too have a problem with a four toed possible theropod .... but not from the 
> Cretaceous.  I found mine in the Middle Jurassic of Northern England. 
>  The toes are elongate and pointed and slightly curved.  At first I 
> thought it may have been the track of a croc or similar, but I showed 
> it to Bill Sargeant who said it wasn't.  It remains a mystery and 
> undescribed.  At least mine was not a segnosaur, perhaps a late 
> surviving prosauropod? .... perhaps there is a group of theropods 
> with four toes for which no ossified remains have been found???  
> Tracks are notoriously difficult to assign to any group unless you 
> find the animal that made them collapsed at the end of the trackway!

        Just a thought- might it be a pterosaur? They were four toed. The 
heel is about as long as the toes, and the toes curve inward slightly. 
The trackways I've seen have associated handprints slightly behind and to 
the outside of the footprints, though, so if this doesn't show any, it 
would either be a pterosaur moving bipedally or something other than a 
pterosaur. The heels look kind of wedge-shaped. 
        Or could it be something like a herrerasaur- weren't they four-toed?
        -nick L.