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JT Paleontological journal
DA 1996 v 30 n 1
PG  114   
AU Mikhailov, K.E.
TI Bird Eggs in the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia

JT Nature.                                         
DA AUG 01 1996 v 382 n 6590
PG  442   
AU Sanz, J.L.
AU Chiappe, L.M.
AU Poyato-Ariza, F.J.
TI An Early Cretaceous bird from Spain and its implications for the
   evolution of avian flight.

JT Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology
DA AUG 01 1996 v 124 n 1 / 2
PG  137   
AU Twitchett, R.J.
AU Wignall, P.B.
TI Trace fossils and the aftermath of the Permo-Triassic mass
   extinction: evidence from northern Italy.

JT Sedimentary geology.
DA JUL 01 1996 v 104 n 1 / 4
PG  189     
AU Albertao, G.A.   
AU Martins Jr., P.P.   
TI A possible tsunami deposit at the Cretaceous--Tertiary boundary in
   Pernambuco Northeastern Brazil

JT Science.
DA JUL 26 1996 v 273 n 5274
PG  452     
AU Knoll, A. H.   
AU Bambach, R. K.   
AU Grotzinger, J. P.   
TI Comparative Earth History and Late Permian Mass Extinction

JT Discover.                                       
DA SEP 01 1996 v 17 n 9
PG   16   
TI Breakthroughs.
SU no genes of a dino

JT Paleontological journal
DA 1996 v 30 n 1
PG  117     
AU Efrimov, M.B.   
TI Champsoaurid Reptile from the Lower Cretaceous of Buryatia

JT The Planetary report.
DA JUL 01 1996 v 16 n 4
PG    4     
TI Belize: Rosetta Stone of the K/T Boundary.
SU Between the Cretaceous (K) and Tertiary (T) periods of geologic
   history, something catastrophic happened - and the dinosaurs
   disappeared from Earth.  In a continuing series of expeditions, The
   Planetary Society is investigating this turning point in
   evolutionary history

JT Geochemical journal.
DA 1996 v 30 n 2
PG   89     
AU Mita, H.   
AU Shimoyama, A.   
AU Kajiwara, Y.   
TI Search for extraterrestrial amino acids in sediments at the
   Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary in Kawaruppu, Hokkaido, Japan

JT The Planetary report.
DA JUL 01 1996 v 16 n 4
PG    7     
TI Impact Processes: Reconstructing the Events.
SU What would you have seen if you's been watching (from a safe place)
   the K/T object hit Earth? This article will give you an idea of
   what it would have been like.

JT The Planetary report.
DA JUL 01 1996 v 16 n 4
PG   10     
TI Stratigraphy: Layers of Evidence.
SU The rocks blasted out by the K/T impact eventually fell back to
   Earth. Their final sequence and position can tell us much about the
   aftermath of impact.

JT Popular science.
DA SEP 01 1996 v 249 n 3
PG   40     
TI The Dinosaur Hunter.
SU Bigger than T. rex? A hot dino-prospector's dazzling find offers new
   clues to prehistoric times.

JT Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie.  
DA JUL 01 1996 n 7
PG  452   
AU El-Bailey, S.Y.
TI Palynostratigraphy and palynofacies analysis of some subsur-face
   Cretaceous formations in the Badr El Dein (Bed 1-1) borehole, north
   Western Desert, Egypt.

JT Tectonophysics.
DA JUN 30 1996 v 259 n 1 / 3
PG  229     
AU Eppinger, K.J.   
AU Rosenfeld, U.   
TI Western margin and provenance of sediments of the Neuquen Basin
   (Argentina) in the Late Jurasic and Early Cretaceous.

JT Tectonophysics.
DA JUL 15 1996 v 259 n 4
PG  259     
AU Patzelt, A.   
AU Li, H.   
AU Appel, E.   
TI Palaeomagnetism of Cretaceous to Tertiary sediments from southern
   Tibet: with Eurasia.

JT Geophysical journal international.
DA AUG 01 1996 v 126 n 2
PG  477     
AU McEnroe, S.A.   
TI North America during the Lower Cretaceous: new palaeomagnetic
   constraints from intrusions in New England.

JT Aapg bulletin.
DA AUG 01 1996 v 80 n 8
PG 1177     
AU Dyman, T. S.   
AU Palacas, J. G.   
AU Pawlewicz, M. J.   
TI Source Rock Potential of Middle Cretaceous Rocks in Southwestern

JT Acta geologica hungarica
DA 1995 v 38 n 3
PG  251     
AU Viczian, I.   
TI Clay minerology of Jurassic carbonate rocks, Central Transdanubia,

JT Revue de l'institut francais du petrole.
DA MAY 01 1996 v 51 n 3
PG  319     
AU Gely, J.-P.   
AU Lorenz, C.   
AU Lorenz, J.   
TI Jurassic Formations in the Couy Borehole (Cher Department, France):
   Their Detailed Sequential Analysis from the Core Sample
   Descriptions and Well-Logging Curves.   

JT Acta geologica hungarica
DA 1995 v 38 n 4
PG  319     
AU Bona, J.   
TI Palynostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic formations in the Mecsek
   Mts. (Southern Hungary).

JT Geophysical journal international.
DA AUG 01 1996 v 126 n 2
PG  382     
AU Embleton, B.J.J.   
AU McElhinny, M.W.   
AU Li, Z.X.   
TI Permo-Triassic magnetostratigraphy in China: the type section near
   Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, North China.   

JT Nature.                                         
DA AUG 08 1996 v 382 n 6591
PG  532   
AU Forster, C. A.
AU Chiappe, L. M.
AU Sampson, S. D.
TI The first Cretaceous bird from Madagascar.

JT U.S. news & world report.
DA AUG 26 1996 v 121 n 8
PG   43     
TI Dinosaur Bone Wars.
SU Should commercial dealers be allowed to sell fossils they have found
   on public lands?

JT Book links.
DA SEP 01 1996 v 6 n 1
PG   54     
AU Weisman, Kay   
TI Digging Dinosaurs

JT Journal of African earth sciences (and the Middl
DA MAY 01 1996 v 22 n 4
PG  535     
AU Filatoff, J.   
AU Hughes, G.W.   
TI Late Cretaceous to Recent palaeoenvironments of the Saudi Arabian Red

JT Nature.                                         
DA AUG 22 1996 v 382 n 6593
PG  706   
AU Erickson, G.M.
AU Van Kirk, S.D.
AU Cartr, D.R.
TI Bite-force estimation for Tyrannosaurus rex from tooth-marked bones

JT Insight on the news.
DA SEP 09 1996 v 12 n 34
PG   38     
AU Berardelli, Phil   
TI Science.
SU Paleontologists are learning more about birds, and dinosaurs but
   still haven't found the missing link