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Re: Questions About Raptors

Jeff Poling quotes Matt Reeves:

>>1)  What are all of the scientific names of animals classified as "Raptors"?
>   That depends upon your definition of the term "raptors."  [ ...]

>   Stick with the Maniraptors and you can't go wrong.  See the DML Cladogram
>on Dinosauria On-Line for the animals that belong to the Maniraptor clade
>(be sure to read the introduction so you can read the clades properly).
>Additionally, if you are going to use the term at all, it should be spelled
>'raptor with an apostrophe.

Actually, "raptor" (without the apostrophe) is growing to become the common
name for Dromaeosauridae (the family including Dromaeosaurus, Velociraptor,
Deinonychus, Utahraptor, and relatives).  Lessem and Peters have a kid's
book (with great illos) out on this).

Maniraptora, by definition, includes the birds (as a concept, it REQUIRES
birds to be included), so raptorial birds fall within your last paragraph

>>2)  How did the Oviraptor live and what did it eat?
>   Got me there.  I'm not sure there is any consensus on the lifestyle and
>diet of the oviraptorids.

Some ideas, though include:

ate plants
ate eggs
ate small vertebrates
ate molluscs
ate everything (omnivorous).

I'd be inclined to the last of these.

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