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Xerox or reprints of these papers are available from me untill October
30th/96 at the address below:


*MacPhee, R., M. Iturralde-Vinent, 1994. First Tertiary Land Mammal from
Greater Antilles: An Early Miocene Sloth (Xenarthra, Megalonychidae) From
Cuba: AMNH Novitates, 3094, 13 p


*Iturralde-Vinent,M. 1995, Field Guide. Sedimentary Geology of Western
Cuba. 1st SEPM Congress on Sedimentary geology, St. Pete beach, Florida, 21

*MacPhee, R., M. Iturralde-Vinent, 1995. Earliest monkey from Greater
Antilles.  Journal of Human Evolution 28: 197-200

*MacPhee, R., M. Iturralde-Vinent, 1995. Origin of the Greater Antilles
Land Mammal Fauna, 1: New Tertiary Fossils from Cuba and Puerto Rico: AMNH
Novitates, 3141, 31 p.

*MacPhee, R.D.E., M. Iturralde-Vinent, 1995. New Paleontological and paleo-
geographical insights into the land mammal colonization of the Greater
Antilles.  Abstracts with Programs, 1995 GSA Annual Meeting, New Orleans,
p. A-386


*Rojas, R. and M. Iturralde-Vinent, 1995. Checklist of Cuban rudist taxa.
Revista Mexicana de Paleontolog=EDa, 12 (2): 292-293. (Publ. 1996)

*Rojas, R., M. Iturralde-Vinent, P.W. Skelton, 1995. Stratigraphy,
composition and age of Cuban rudist-bearing deposits. Revista Mexicana de
Paleontolog=EDa, 12 (2): 272-291. (Publ. 1996)

*Iturralde-Vinent, M., G. Hubbell and R. Rojas, 1996. Catalog of  Cuban
fossil Elasmobranchii (Paleocene to Pliocene) and paleogeographic
implications of its Lower--Middle Miocene occurrence: The Journal of the
Geological Society of Jamaica XXXI: 7-22

*Iturralde-Vinent, M.and M. Norell 1996. Synopsis of Late Jurassic Marine
Reptiles from Cuba: AMNH Novitates 3164, 17 p.

*Iturralde-Vinent, M. 1996. Cuban Jurassic Reptiles: A ppoly known faunule
from the western Tethys. Abstract and Program Dinofest International,
Tempe, Arizona.

*Iturralde-Vinent, M., and R.D.E. MacPhee. (in press). Age and
paleogeographic origin of Dominican amber. Science (next September 27/96

*Iturralde-Vinent, M. (Ed.) 1996: Cuban ophiolites and volcanic arcs: First
Contribution IGCP Project 364: 1-265 p.

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