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Dino Info

You asked where to get info one the latest finds.
There are two choices:

1. Subscribe to 23 different magazines and journals with a total
cost of about $2000. Of course, none of their issues will
have more than 20% dinosaur info, but all of that stuff about
clams and crinoids and mammals is good for you.

2. Subscribe to DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES for $25. DD is the only
currently-produced all-dino (well, 90% dino, it includes
pterodactyls and plesiosaurs and crocodiles too) publication
which specifically attempts to publish all available data on
all new finds (new names, new species, new finds, new theories, etc.)
You can mail a check to Tiger Publications, Box 8759,
Amarillo, TX 79114 or you can Email a credit card number
to tiger@arn.net and get it faster.
--Steve Cole (Managing editor of DD)