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respiratory turbinates, mesazoic birds, pterosaurs, mesazoic

Has anyone done any studies on the RTs in Mesazoic almost-Birds like
_Archaeopteryx_ and _Mononykus_ (I'm not saying that they're closely
related, just that they have been tauted as _undeniably_ being birds,
but probably aren't quite)?  How about definate birds like
_Confusciusornis_ (sp), _Iberomesornis_, and _Ambiortus_?  Heck, why
not even try _Hesperornis_ and _Icthiornis_ for that matter.  And as
long as we're searching for RT's let's look for them in Pterosaurs
too.  And in early mammals, let's see when mammals actually developed
RTs.  Until this is done, I think that Ruben and his flock (ie the
about 10,000 co-authors) might be jumping to some conclusions that
aren't based on the strongest of evidence/evidense (God, I would vote
for Pat Buchanan if he could get me to spell that word right [sorry
about the political stuff Mickey, couldn't resist]).  In any case, I
think that RTs might have evolved in birds and mammals independantly
in response to the drop in atmospheric oxygen levels, and are not
necisarily an end-all decider for whether an animal is warm- or

Dr. Perez-Moreno, could you give me your email address?  I seem to have lost 
it during the move....

Peter "where's the Starbuck's?" Buchholz