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Terry Manning

In case any of you still want to reach Kelly Milner Halls (preferably
to help her find Terry Manning):

  Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 10:07:56 -0600
  From: Kelly Milner Halls <dinolvr@netone.com>
  To: "Mickey P. Rowe" <mrowe@indiana.edu>
  Subject: Re: subscribe

  Mickey, any ideas on how I can get in touch with Terry Manning in
  the UK?  My editor at Highlights wants an article on his acedic acid
  egg prep technique.  I have the basics, but I need a few fresh
  quotes.  Does he have an email address that you know of?

  kel - - girl dino writer :)

  p.s.  If you could pass this on to the list, I'd be grateful.  I'll get
  resubscribed soon, I promise.