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Dana Geraths asked what reproductions I got at the Denver show.
Well, I got a bunch of T.rex stuff from Black Hills.
And then from Second Nature I got a bunch. Since I have bought
a lot of second nature stuff before, I'll give a general rundown
of their whole line.
Albertosaurus foot claw, tooth, hand claw
Allosaurus vertebra, foot claw, tooth
Ammosaurus tooth
Anklylosaurus dermal plate
Camarasaurus tooth, front claw
Carcharodonotosaurus tooth
Chirostenotes claw
Crocodile jaw
Daspletosaurus tooth
Dilophosaurus tooth
Dromaeosaurus claw
Edmontosaurus tooth, toe
Protoceratops tooth
Raptor claw
North African Carnosaur hand claw
Ornithomimums hand lcaw and foot claw
Oveloolithus egg
Oviraptor foot claw
Rebbachiosaurus tooth
Spinosaurus teeth
Syrmosaurus leg
Tarbosaurus tooth
Thescelosaurus vertebra and toe
Triceratops tooth with double root
Troodon foot claw
Tyrannosaurus foot claw and max tooth
Velociraptor running claw

They can be reached at 800-815-3466
<<Mickey, feel free to cut that phone number out.>>

[So far I've only received one response to the last message, and it
 was positive.  Since you're telling people about reproductions rather
 than actual fossils here, my reservations about this message aren't
 as strong.  If anybody else wants to say something, you know where to
 find me...  About that -- lepomis is alive and receiving mail again.
 -- MR ]