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again: frill of Triceratops

I was a bit disappointed because nobody gave an answer to my 
question about the frill of Triceratops. So here's a little bit 
information about the background of my question: Catherine A. Forster wrote 
in her recent article about the skull of Triceratops (JVP 16(2), June 
1996; pp 246-258), that the frill was heavily vascularized. Couldn't 
this lead to the presumption, that the frill had a function in 
Thermoregulation? Does anybody know, if this function was suggested 
before? (I think it must have!) Is anybody out there who can give me 
further information (Refs)?

Thanks in advance
Martin Westmeier (westmeie@stud-mailer.uni-marburg.de)