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Re: dinosaur inspiration

At 12:07 PM 9/16/96 -0500, martin writes:
> DARREN NAISH wrote: 
>> Just about everyone is familiar with the arguments presented here:
>> that dinosaur nasal passages are simply not big enough in
>> cross-sectional area to allow the high lung-ventilation rates employed
>> by tachymetabolic tetrapods, nor do RT 'fit' into these
>So why can't they breathe thru their mouths as do lots of fast moving 
>mammals (horses, cattle, humans)?

There is one problem with comparing fast running dinos (I assume we
are discussing theropods primarily) to fast running mammals: theropods
did not have the secondary palate (sp?) found in mammals.  This would
mean that the nasal passage for the animal would include the entire
mouth.  This should not impede the efficiency of their metabolism

I concentrate on the theropods for one reason, if we can determine the
metabolism of the predators, we can safely assume a similar metabolism
for the herbivores.

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

"I told you I'd be back."